We have flexible sources of funding for postdoc level. Candidates with a PhD in bioinformatics, applied mathematics, physics, or statistics should apply to Julien Gagneur (

Also, we offer a 2-year position as part of the Ciência sem fronteiras programme (ref. Uni_Bio_149): link 

PhD and HiWi/Master thesis

We are constantly seeking for highly motivated students in bioinformatics, physics and/or applied mathematics for their PhD or Master thesis. Quantitative minds with a strong interest for biology, or biologists with computational skills and eager to understand biology at the genome level will fit our team.

For more information please write to Julien Gagneur, including your CV and a brief motivation, at 

PhD at the Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences Munich (QBM)

We are proud members of QBM, a graduate school funded by the German excellence initiative to promote quantitative biosciences. Students selected by QBM will get their own stipend, extra training from the graduate school, and conduct interdisciplinary research under the direction of two labs with complementary expertise. Check the QBM web site for application schedule and specific projects. Next application deadline is 5 January 2015.

Further bioinformatics projects in Munich

Check the bioinformatik-muenchen web site.

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