Barbara Conradt, Biocenter, LMU, Munich, Germany: Analysis of CES1 transcription factor binding

Patrick Cramer, Gene Center, LMU, Munich, Germany: Transcriptional regulation

Ulrike Gaul, Gene Center, LMU, Munich, Germany: Regulation of the core promoter

Christoph Klein, Children Hospital, Munich, Rare diseases

Fabiana Perocchi, Gene Center, Mitochondrial Biology

Holger Prokisch, Institute of Human Genetics, Munich, Genetics of Mitochondrial Disorders

Peter Robinson, Universitätsklinikum Charite, Berlin, Germany: Gene set enrichment analysis

Himanshu Sinha, Tata Institute of fundamental research, Mumbai, India: Quantitative genetics of spotrulation

Oliver Stegle, EBI/EMBL, Hinxton, UK: Systems genetics

Lars Steinmetz, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany: Systems genetics and gene regulation

Achim Tresch, MPI for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany: Mathematical modeling of genome-wide (chromatin) data

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